Storks and Jaguars

Storks and Jaguars. Into the Heart of the Amazon

‘In striking contrast to these dark, rolling forests, is the vivid, light green and cheerful foliage of the woods on the numerous islets which rest like water-gardens on the surface of the lake. Flocks of ducks, storks, and snow-white herons inhabit these islets. and a noise of parrots with the tingling chorus of Tamburi-paras was heard from them as we passed.’ Henry Walter Bates


‘It was clear we had disturbed, on our approach, the Jaguar, while quenching his thirst at the water-hole. A few steps further on we saw the mangled remains of an alligator. The head, forequaters, and bony shell were the only parts which remained; but the meat was quite fresh, and there were many footmarks of the Jaguar around the carcase- so there was no doubt this had formed the solid part of the animals breakfast.’ Henry Walter Bates.

Illustrations are created using drawing, Flexigon, photocopier, photo apps (Snapseed) and Photoshop

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