The Pirate. by Samuel Menashe

The Pirate by Samuel Menashe

This poem by Samuel Menashe is one of the few poems I remember from my childhood. It was part of a BBC, 1970’s, radio schools poetry programme which was  accompanied by a  book  (still in my posession). We studied the poem in class when I was around 11.

When I was 44 I studied  for a Masters degree in Children’s book illustration. As a subject for my major project (dissertation)  I decided on creating illustrations for a selection of  prose, poems and songs which have the themes of menace and lament. This poem gave me the idea for the themes and was the first  I illustrated.

“I plunder the World” what 11 year old boy could forget such a line? Alas my plundering days are behind me now, but oh the memories!

Drawing, Chalk and wax crayon. Coloured in Photoshop

The Pirate by Samuel Menashe

Like a cliff
My brow hangs over
The cave of my eyes
My nose is the prow of a ship
I plunder the world

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