British birds of prey. Series 1. Falcons & Hawks

All images are hand drawn and coloured in Photoshop


The idea for a series of portrait illustrations of the birds of prey of the British Isles developed gradually. I had Initially completed a commission for an eagle which involved exploring new techniques of rendering in Photoshop which I wanted to developed further. I was a keen ornithologist when a boy an interest that was to wane in my teenage years and lay dormant throughout my adult life. I did, however retain a lot of knowledge of birds from my youth  and the original eagle illustration project had  awakened a latent interest.

When  a young keen bird watcher I do not recall  birds of prey being a particular passion of mine  probably  because, since as I was growing up in the 1970”s, they were scarce and  very few and far between, but I thought – for creative continuity, I would illustrate one more of these raptors and chose the Peregrine.

One thing followed another. I researched the birds and the more I did so the more I became engrossed by their history, physiology, mythology and especially the story of their long relationship with us. And so a project formed – to illustrate all 17 resident, and regularly visiting, raptors to these Isles and to document a small part of their continuing, fascinating and unfolding story.

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